Talon Tunes: Songs of the Summer


Credit: Paula Somoza

With American summer coming to an end, and the sun finally starting to peek through the fog here in São Paulo, it’s time to round up the songs of the summer, courtesy of yours truly. Follow this link to the Spotify playlist.

Faria Nasruddin (12): Tuytus by ODESZA. It’s one of those songs for made for the newly licensed youth. I can’t drive yet, but this song has the vibes for some serious cruising, windows down and everything.

Daniel Felberg (12): Ohio (Filous Remix) by Damien Jurado: It’s one of those summer house songs that’s just nice to listen to when you want to chill out for a bit.

MC Otani (Class of 2015): Furo by Baleia. The perfect “wow-what-a-perfect-sunny-day-I-mean-look-at-that-sky-but-crap-I’m-trapped-in-this-concrete-jungle song.” Do you ever get that feeling? This is what the Paulista’s summer yearning angst sounds like.

Ty Stephenson (13): My song suggestion is Moondance by Van Morrison. The song talks about October nights but I think this song can be played anytime of the year and it works its magic every time. While many people think of summer and it’s many hours of sunshine, I rather love those amazing summer nights when the sun has gone down, the air has cooled off, the moon has come out.  This song makes me want to hit the brakes in the car, pull over, turn up the volume, grab my significant other from the passenger side and Moondance right there on the side of the road.

Fernando Martins (10): Are You With Me by Lost Frequencies. It’s relaxing and besides the repetitive lyrics, the background theme is pretty interesting.

Mathias Tucunduva (12): If you want to listen to a song that will make you feel like a princess that just dove into a pool filled with cotton candy, according to Kaan Alptekin (who decided he needed to input his two cents), then Catch and Release (Deepend Remix) by Kindred is the one for you.

Julia Schulman (11): Seaside by the Kooks. The title pretty much speaks for itself. Nothing beats playing this while reading a good book or taking a stroll in the sand while watching the sunset.

Michael Borger (12): Shut Up and Dance by Walk the Moon. A song reminiscent of the 1980’s but with alternative musical engineering courtesy of the twenty-first century, it could be heard all over the radios this summer.

Jenny Lee (10): I Need You by M83. One of my favorite songs. The moment you hear the song, you will just know why; you will just know.

Alan Garcia-Ramos (12): So Much Trouble in the World by Bob Marley & The Wailers. Leave it up to Bob to put everything about this world into one good reggae song.

Kevin Shimba Bengtsson (Class of 2014): Felicidade by Seu Jorge.

Shane Hardwicke (13): Sweet City Woman by the Stampeders really has many of the elements that I enjoy in song. A banjo intro that infectiously runs throughout the song, a male falsetto that belts the chorus, a well placed guitar riff following the chorus hook, some nonsense lyrics, a perfectly simple drum and bass groove. Two part harmony and a guitar solo that gets doubled by the vocal. I dare you try and forget this ear worm after a proper listen. (And check out how the shaker comes in towards the end!) Kids, this is how you produce a timeless hit. “I’m on my way, to the city lights!”

Gabi Rocha Campos (9): Roses by Chainsmokerz. The definition of chill music.

Luuk Kuiper (12): Glamour Tropical by Natiruts. I chose this song because it was one of the many ways in which I could share Brazil’s warmth and joy to my Scandinavian friends while sitting back at the beaches of Barcelona and enjoying a lovely summer breeze.