The Talon

Anita Benito
Anita loves trying everything, whether it’s activities, food, or pretty much anything. Despite that, she never really succeeds in any of them – but at least she tries. Some of her favorite hobbies include reading, writing, and pretending to be good at drawing. Anita wants to write for The Talon because, as stated before, she loves trying new things and is tempted work really hard to not fail at it. Also, Anita has lived in four different countries: Argentina, Chile, the U.S, and Brazil (but really only remembers living in half of the said locations). This is also Anita’s first year writing for The Talon (and she hopes it’s not her last, too). Lastly, she was chosen to write for the News section and is very excited and surprised she got chosen to write for the school newspaper.

Anita Benito, News Writer

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