The Talon

Ava Hillman
Walking into her fourth year as a Graded Student, Ava is proud of the life she’s created here. Stumbling into her junior year, Ava is, well, anxious, to say the least. Although nervous about beginning the IB and embarking on the closing of her high school career, she’s equally as excited to step into this next chapter in her “Book of Life” and make the memories that she’ll forever hold dearly. Hoping to make the most out of her last years here, Ava rejoined the Talon for her second year, this time as a writer—she’s beyond enthusiastic to join the Features section and begin writing ASAP. Outside of the Talon, Ava loves playing basketball, spending time with her loving (eye-roll-inducing) family, and going on passionate—although some might say aggressive—rants about whatever is on her mind at that moment. She’s hoping to let people inside a few of those rants through her writing this year.

Ava Hillman, Features Writer

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