The Talon

Helen Liu
As this year becomes the end of her 3-year adventure at The Talon (and, less importantly, at Graded), Helen has set a few goals for this journalistic institution, unbeknownst to her fellow Editors in Chief, Zaba, and Alexandre. Among these goals, a few of the most crucial ones include, but are not limited to: making Talon the supreme oligarchy of Graded, starting a line of Talonwear and outselling the athletics department, and last but not least, abolishing all sorts of mass media except for The Talon®. Speaking more realistically, Helen just wishes this year can be an enjoyable experience for both writers and readers! If you happen to see Helen around the hallways, make sure to watch out for signs of either narcolepsy or over-enthusiasm, and if any of those are showing, shoot her a disappointed look. She’ll understand immediately.

Helen Liu, Editor in Chief

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