The Talon

This is Noah's first year in the Talon as a Features writer. She is a junior, and has been at Graded since she was 4 years old. You will always find Noah talking to others; as a true communicator, she finds pleasure in talking to anyone, even in the most inconvenient times. She has an obsession with her cat, Joshua, and enjoys showing people pictures of how cute he is. Noah doesn't have an interest in reading books; however, you might find her reading poetry at times, as it is the only type of literature she truly enjoys. As Noah has been part of the Graded community for so long, she has managed to obtain lifelong friendships that have been with her since day one. As a new member of the Talon, Noah plans to truly entertain and educate those who read her articles.

Noah R , Features Writer

The student magazine at  Graded School