The Talon

Vidisha Sharma
Vid Sharma, when not tinkering away at gadgets not belonging to them (ah... sorry?), can be seen hunkered over the gleaming screen of their computer, stylus clutched in hand, trembling with rage, and struggling to draw a single straight line. Vid can always easily be caught on the go with either a pencil or a screwdriver in hand, and in some circumstances both. They draw to relieve stress, which is to say they are constantly drawing. Vid has over 200 pieces of "incomplete" art, believing art, much like technology, is seldom complete and always up for improvement. They are often referred to as the Grinch; they may act cool and are always found cursing grumpily at friends, but really, they care and may have a heart thrice as large as most (cardiomegaly anyone?) They have the best jokes, art, and an eternal, inexplicable love for rice. Join their art club!

Vidisha Sharma, Artist

Sep 13, 2018
The Screaming Phenomenon (Media)
The student magazine at  Graded School