The Talon

Maria Nobrega

Maria Nobrega, Artist

Who would’ve guessed a life-long anime obsession would lead to anything? Certainly not Mia, a freshman who is more than delighted to be joining The Talon as an illustrator. This will be their first year as a Talonista, and you can expect cheesy jokes and unrealistically long eyelashes all year round. Mia has been drawing seriously since 2016 and found a home in watercolour, and although they have no idea of what they’re doing, at least they’re making something, right? Also a passionate activist, you might run into Mia yelling at the patriarchy or crushing some homophobes in the hallways, but don’t be scared, that’s how it’s always been. No wonder they’ve never had a reputation. Some more shameful hobbies include playing half-learned songs on the piano, running around with an unbelievably big collection of boko shields in Zelda, watching way too many bootlegs of Broadway shows, and, of course, wondering which hideous outfit to pull out of the closet in order to disappoint everyone. Oh no, Mia has a new dress shirt! Everyone hide!

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Maria Nobrega