The Talon

Kecy Lu
Here we can find a vertebrate animal which can be identified as a specie of Kecy, its scientific name is Kecy Lu, it belongs to the Kingdom of Juniors and its natural habitat is Graded School. After observing it we discovered that it is the same as any other mammal in the Graded environment. Kecy’s behavior can be summarized as: loves netflix, hates math, is addicted to TV shows, and is scared of the IB. After observing the rare species closely in its natural habitat it was decided to make changes and move Kecy to the new environment: Talon. This is gonna be her first year at Talon and her role in this new food chain in this new environment is as the photographer. For you to identify Kecys try to lookout for a human shaped, short in height, long black hair individual. Normally found next to food or in the art center taking picture of everything everywhere.

Kecy Lu, Artist

May 10, 2018
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Kecy Lu