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Maya Wainstein
Maya is currently a sophomore at Graded and is thrilled to be joining the Talon this year as an entertainment writer. She is a professional marathonist, binge watching tv show marathonist to be more specific. Even though she tries to watch a wide variety of shows, her favourites will forever be the classic comedies: Friends, That 70’s show, and ("wait for it…") How I Met Your Mother. Maya also enjoys blasting loud music on her earphones while pretending that her life is a movie, attempting and failing to follow extreme ideas after watching documentaries (like when she became vegan for two days), eating "brigadeiro", doing face masks, watching movies, travelling and learning about different cultures and procrastinating any way possible (mainly by sending an annoying amount of snapchat to her friends and doing Buzzfeed quizzes about what bread matches her personality). A strong believer in the power of words, Maya cannot wait to express her passions (AKA babbling about tv shows) in the Talon!

Maya Wainstein, Entertainment Writer

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Maya Wainstein