The Talon

Nadya Marinkovic
Although Nadya spends most of her time watching Friends or playing soccer, she intends to one day leave everything behind and travel, with nothing but the Harry Potter Book Series, a Bucket List, and a diary which she hopes one day she’ll start. She desires to understand at least a fraction of our reality today, and ever since she was little watching the news and reading the newspaper was the closest to doing exactly that. Immersing herself in different cultures and understanding different perspectives was something she has always strived to accomplish even if sometimes unsuccessfully.  She is regularly listening to politics at home, and it has made her feel deeply rooted to the conflicts of the world around her. In her first year writing for The Talon, Nadya intends to let out her thoughts and strong opinions onto the News Section. She believes that through writing she will form a connection to her readers and inspire others to bowl over what may be an answer to their different ideas. Nadya's mind is constantly boggled by the issues that arise all around the world and hopes to channel them through the hallways of Graded.

Nadya Marinkovic, News Writer

Sep 21, 2018
A Farewell To My Democracy (Story)
The student magazine at  Graded School
Nadya Marinkovic