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Rafa Horle
I’m Rafa and I’ve been at Graded since the 8th grade, so for two years now (this is my sophomore year) and this is my first year in the Talon. I was born in Brazil and lived here until I was nine, then I moved to Argentina and lived there for about three years and moved back to Brazil four years ago. Besides writing I enjoy watching movies, travelling ,playing almost any sport, reading and singing. I’m a writer for the Entertainment section of the Talon and will be writing movie reviews whether that be a classic like Lawrence of Arabia or a new summer blockbuster like Baby Driver. I will also be writing about books, tv shows, albums, the awards season, travel guides and hope to write about current politics in the near future. I hope to not only entertain but also educate anyone who is reading an article of mine.

Rafa Horle, Entertainment Writer

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Rafa Horle