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Rosanne Van Ballegooijen
Rosanne has been a part of The Talon as an Entertainment writer, Features editor, and now as an Editor-in-Chief with Nadya. She has spent countless hours correcting punctuation and sentence structure over a cup of tea and is now ready to manage the “pixel-free” covers and “stress-free” editing schedules. As a senior this year, Rosanne knows she is going to face some terrible cases of senioritis, perhaps a few bouts of anxiety too, but being a part of the Graded community for seven years has given her friends, peers, and teachers she can rely on. She doesn’t know what the future after the IB exams holds, but whatever happens, Rosanne is going to try to make each day a happy day. And even if it isn’t, she’ll have some editing that is bound to bring a smile on her face.

Rosanne Van Ballegooijen, Editor in Chief

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Rosanne Van Ballegooijen