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Sofia Sutter
As a first year Talonista, Sofia, a rising junior, is excited to share her, hopefully, entertaining views on today’s current events. While quarantining in the middle of nowhere, she hopes to find entertainment in the busy news articles and  to come back a bit more informed. Apart from her newfound journalistic career, Sofia, occasionally known as Sosuts, can be found, or rather heard, screaming around campus or blending in with the Lower School, as they match her height better. If you are lucky, you might also be able to find Sofia annoying strangers with her endless talks about astrology without any invitation or reasoning. Anyway, she has travelled the world, lived in all sorts of places and developed a love for new cultures and perspectives that she hopes to portray in her work. Sofia is very excited and committed to her new post as a Talonista

Sofia Sutter, News Writer

Oct 16, 2020
Going Back. (Story)
Sep 10, 2020
The Bright Side of COVID (Story)
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Sofia Sutter