The Talon

Vitor Salomão
Vitor is a brand new member of The Talon, and he will be joining as a News Writer. Even though this is his second year at Graded, he has already found a passion for putting his ideas out there and being a part of a team. Vitor believes that news articles are one of the most crucial ways to inform and change people, and that’s why he loves that section. In his personal life, he is a big nerd. He LOVES technology, Math and video games, and plays all kinds of them. He also “tries” to stream his gameplay, but usually gets 5 viewers… He also loves music, and you can see that in the orchestra, in which he will be the pianist for this year. During lunch, you can find him in the field playing soccer with his friends, as sports are also one of his greatest passions. Vitor has been working hard on constantly improving his writing and doing the best he can, and he feels like The Talon is the next big step.

Vitor Salomão, News Writer

Sep 18, 2019
New Clubs at Graded (Story)
The student magazine at  Graded School
Vitor Salomão