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Ava Hilman

Ava Hilman, Artist

Ava has just joined The Talon this year as a photographer, and is so excited to be a part of this amazing group! She began taking photos a year ago when she joined the Photo Club and instantly loved it! Although her photography skills have improved a lot, Ava still has some learning to do when it comes to pictures, but she hopes to also learn a lot more about the other aspects of the magazine like writing and publishing! Ava has come to love photography and is looking forward to improving throughout this year. Some of her other passions include sports, reading, music, and her love of helping the community through groups like GAA (Graded Animal Alliance). Ava hopes that one day she can become a writer for The Talon and learn more about article writing. Post-college Ava plans to travel the world and raise hundreds of dogs.


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Ava Hilman