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The purpose of this document is for the Talon Staff to write and publish thought-provoking, captivating articles that still adhere to expectations and rules to ensure that they are of high quality, appropriate, and relevant. An article will be or stay published if it complies with the following points:


  1. The Talon article is written and signed by a member of the Talon Staff or the writer has been explicitly allowed to write for the Talon by the Editors-In-Chief.


  1. The Talon article contains no defamation and libel. If criticism of individuals is made, it is supported by sourced evidence and appropriate language that refrains from mockery and lampoon. See clause 9 for the Talonzinho


  1. The Talon article contains no profanity or derogatory comments. This includes racist, homophobic, sexist or otherwise offensive remarks. However, this excludes balanced discussions surrounding topics of race, sexuality, and gender identity. 


  1. When appropriate, opinions, critiques, and/or reports are justified and supported by research such that rumors and assumptions are ruled out. Opinion pieces will be clearly identified as such through their location under the POV (point-of-view) section either in the digital or printed publishings.  


  1. 5. Opinion pieces are based upon published news, either by a reliable source as highlighted in clause 6, a previous Talon article, or by information published through emails, assemblies, or other school platforms. 


  1. All work written is original to Talon writers, and if outside information is utilized, it is properly cited. Citations included are from reliable sources such as but not limited to world-renowned newspapers, government sources, academic journals, and/or books. 


  1. If the Talon article contains information obtained through interviews, such interviews have been recorded, and interviewees have been identified, i.e. there is no use of anonymous sources.


  1. If the Talon article pertains to Graded-specific news, the timing of the article’s publishing is appropriate given that: it is topical, and the 5W’s (Who, What, Where, When, Why) have been accurately answered with reliable sources, as outlined in clause 6. 


  1. The Talonzinho is a satirical publication written and signed by the Talon editorial board that aims to make humorous comments about topical Graded phenomena. The content published in the Talonzinho is purely for comedic purposes, should have the consent of all individuals mentioned, and all jokes concur with clause 3.
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