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Reona Shinagawa

Reona Shinagawa, Artist

As it is Reona’s first year in the Talon, she is wanting to create beautiful, dynamic, and impressive illustrations that’ll be together with the writing. She is excited to work as a “Talonista”, and looking forward to drawing more illustrations. To be honest, when you see her at school you will notice that she sucks at having conversations. Although you might find her a bad communicator, she’s always curious to listen to your story and loves to listen to any kind of discussions. Reona recently went to Japan, and what she did was mostly eating because that’s her favorite thing to do. Her friends always tell her that she is responsible for the workload, but the truth is the opposite. However, she will immediately complete the tasks if they are drawing assignments/works so there is no need to worry about her handing in the illustrations late for the Talon. 


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Reona Shinagawa