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Charlotte Gillet
Charlotte has always been enthusiastic in regards to writing and how it can thoroughly enrapture a passionate reader’s attention. Other than her love for historical fiction pieces set in Asia, she has a tendency to be extremely loquacious and defensive when it comes to woman’s rights (beware). Nevertheless, she’s pretty much an ordinary student. She enjoys spending her free time with friends and can go from conversing about the latest episodes of a new hyped-up tv show to a meaningful conversation regarding a political situation or a significant book. As this is her first year writing for The Talon in the Features section, she hopes that her IB trait of procrastination will be eliminated, submerged by her high ambitions to become a professional writer. Acknowledging the upcoming breakdowns of senior year and the undeniable writer’s blocks that she’s bound to suffer through, Charlotte has never been as excited to start a new high school year and well, her last.  

Charlotte Gillet , Features Writer

Nov 03, 2017
A Foreign Step: House of Japan (Story)
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Charlotte Gillet