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Eva Goethals
Eva is a junior at Graded who is extremely excited to be part of The Talon team for the first time! She is going to be writing in the News Section, and really hopes to make you all as passionate about the events going on around the world as she is! Eva loves learning about new cultures, places, things, and through life she acquired many perspectives and experiences which she hopes to share with the community! At school, she is involved in many clubs and activities which she adores as she has a concern for the common good and wishes to put her qualities to the service of a cause. Although sometimes it might not seem like it, as she is usually overly stressed with work, or going from one club meeting to the next, she is always there for people who need her for whatever reason! Anyways, she is thrilled to write and share news stories with the Graded community and be able to call herself a Talonista!

Eva Goethals, News Writer

Oct 02, 2020
What do Graded 100 years represent? (Story)
Sep 08, 2020
Universities and Covid-19 (Story)
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Eva Goethals