The Talon

Julie Cho
Julie, a wild, voracious girl, who (likes to believe that she) seems rather quiet on the outside, is munching her way towards 12th grade. You will see a food fighter in the cafeteria stuffing herself with all the foods that are available at sight. Not to forget to mention, she manages to slurp all of them. Yes, even lettuce. If not at school, she is often found in the nearest supermarket, wandering aimlessly around the ramen section (secretly chomping on the uncooked noodles), or is either spending her time at home watching youtube videos of other people eating. As her last year in the Talon, she continues her uncivilized journey as the Publishing Editor and secretly hopes to fill the Talon page with all of her favorite foods (mwahahaha!) such as but not limited to: ramen, cake, pizza, sushi, waffles, doritos, chocolate, jelly beans, burgers, french fries.... just anything edible and unhealthy, really. :)


Julie Cho, Publishing Editor

Feb 19, 2016
ME-rror ME-rror On the Wall (Story)
The student magazine at  Graded School
Julie Cho