The Talon

Nadya Marinkovic
As Nadya stumbles into her senior year, little has changed since she began writing for The Talon. She continues to hold more than 60 unopened Whatsapp chats at all times, still refuses to use her least favorite word: "community," and remains insistent that her Plan B in life is to become a marriage counselor on The Bachelor. Although senioritis has become real, she knows it won't get in the way of the excitement of her third and final year writing for The Talon. As she looks back, she realizes that time has flown by, and her articles have become her mini time-capsules. The ones she wrote in 10th grade for the News section and in 11th grade for POV section. But now, along with Rosanne as this year's Editors-in-Chief, she hopes to use her political opinions and own experiences to write and inspire amazing new things.

Nadya Marinkovic, Editor in Chief

Sep 21, 2018
A Farewell To My Democracy (Story)
The student magazine at  Graded School
Nadya Marinkovic