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Sofia Etlin
"Who do I belong to?" “Why do I value certain things over others?” “Are those values truly 'mine'  or am I a slave to what my society dictates as good or bad?” “Is it possible to have an objective measure for these or will my morals always be subjective reflections of the era and culture I currently reside in?” “Is indifference the only way to live a life free from other’s influence?” “Is it possible to 'choose' to be indifferent?” If your mind is exploding from unhealthy amounts of existentialism and your confused, teenage-self needs an outlet to vent, feel free to approach Sofia Etlin. Sofia’s been there and believes that being lost isn't something to be ashamed of. We all have crises, whether they're visible to the outside world or not. Wouldn't adolescence be less lonely if we were allowed to be vulnerable? As a first-year Talonista, but an experienced writer, they are looking forward to tackling sensitive topics this year for the News section.

Sofia Etlin, News Writer

Oct 25, 2019
The Woods Are Burning (Story)
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Sofia Etlin