Smashing update (Part 2)

Now that I’ve written about all the newly announced updates back in Part 1, I’ll get to talking about what I think the next few updates will bring. Keep in mind that the next major update will be during this year’s E3 conference in mid-June, and that the 3DS version of the next Smash Bros. was announced for “summer of 2014”—what this means is that currently the team over at Namco-Bandai’s headquarters (since Namco is the publisher for this iteration) is putting the final touches to the 3DS version. They probably even have the whole roster fully ready, slowly and steadily teasing us via the Smash Bros. website. But since we have no trustworthy information about how the full game is going to be, I’ll throw in my two cents about the one part everyone’s interested in: the character roster.


Calendar Coincidences

The main thing about the Smash Bros. website is that roster additions were always correlated to a current Nintendo game. Most fans deduced that the calendar for future releases would be a hint for who is to be added to the roster. Sadly, however, most of them were wrong, since due to the amount of effort put in the last update a good deal of calendar/character release coincidences didn’t happen. However, if they were to happen, I would say Wario, Captain Falcon and Isaac would be first on the list due to WarioWare, F-Zero: Maximum Velocity and Golden Sun–their respective games for the Game Boy Advance– being recently released on the Wii U’s Virtual Console. I predict that they will be followed by the Ice Climbers and R.O.B, both originally from the NES, which would coincide with the release of the NES Remix games. Wario could also be tied in with the upcoming release of Mario Kart 8, but I personally think that would be rather unlikely.


Bringing back the Oldies

Out of all the characters that might come back there are two that I really want to see again: Ganondorf, from The Legend of Zelda, and Mewtwo, from Pokémon. Their movesets and gameplay in previous titles were limited: Ganondorf was just a clone of Captain Falcon, while Mewtwo was slow and “floaty,” leaving lots of space for counterattacks. If they were to come back, I’d wager that Ganondorf would feature more moves based on his mainstream counterpart, with lots of swordplay and projectiles, maintaining his infamous heaviness but giving him some sort of an edge, making his gameplay revolve around base-guarding. On the other hand, Mewtwo’s moves would be updated to what he had in more recent Pokémon games. Swift would be a quick, shield-breaking projectile, Teleport would give him an extra armor frame, and so on, with his final smash move being his Mega Evolution into Mega-Mewtwo Y, granting him more powerful special attacks. Smash Bros. needs better villains, say the fans, and Nintendo should answer in style.


The No-Fly Zone

Finally, here is a shout-out to all the characters I think will not make it, along with a short reason why:

  • Pac-Man, because we already have Mega Man and don’t need another mascot;

  • Ridley, because he’s already a Boss character;

  • Dixie Kong, because she just doesn’t have good enough moves;

  • Bayonetta and Travis Touchdown, because I think it’s highly unlikely a pair of M-Rated characters would make it into Smash Bros.;

  • And finally, Shadow the Hedgehog because… why? Also, who cares?