Talon Tunes

Since this is its first digital edition, the September Talon Tunes is featuring electronic music recommendations from Graded students, teachers, and alumni. Sit back, put your headphones on, and enjoy.


Ms. Hunt: Prince, the quintessential innovator-narcissist-oddball-artist, experimented a lot with electronically-produced sounds, often going way overboard. But to me he hits it just right with “Computer Blue,” a song that takes one of his father’s piano melodies and layers it with guitar and synthesizers.

Sylvia Yang, Grade 12: You and Me” (Flume Remix) —This remix of Disclosure’s song is just as good, if not better than the original, and its catchiness will keep you pressing replay.

Kevin Bengtsson, Class of 2014: A Walk” by Tycho — Ever walked? Ever walked into a sunset? This beautifully chill song can make any walk seem like the most meaningful moment of your life.

Mr. Potter: History shows the most significant electric song to be “Maggie’s Farm” by Bob Dylan  He shocked the audience at the 1965 Newport Folk Festival by playing this classic for the first time publicly with an electric guitar.  Some cheered, some booed. Isn’t progress always like this?

Gabriel Civita, Grade 11: Kicks” by FKA Twigs — Her critically acclaimed and masterfully produced debut album, LP1, is beyond awesome. Meet the new face of left-field R&B.

Sam Fertig, Grade 10: Insomnia” by Electric President — Apart from the catchy tune, abstract lyrics, and interesting music video, “Insomnia” offers a new look at the genre of Electronic. It utilizes unconventional but distinct approaches to a very popular and uncharacterized branch of music.

Carol von Mutius, Grade 12: Gold” (Flume Re-work) — Chet Faker is one of the most underrated artists out there, and this electronic rework by Flume, the king of futuristic techno, just adds an extra spice to already fantastic vocals. 10/10.

Jenny Lee, Grade 9: Shave it” (501 Remix) — This song caught my attention the first time I heard it. It has simply been a constant replay for a HUGE period of time. Can’t stop!

Mr. Berg: Sereia” by Suba — Mitar Subotic (Suba) was a pioneer of electronic music from the former Yugoslavia who fell in love with Brazil and moved here in the 1990s. Highly successful as a producer, he had also just finished his own São Paulo Confessions when he died in a fire in his apartment in São Paulo in 1999. Like this tune “Sereia,” the whole album has a groovy, urban SP vibe, excellent for driving around late at night.

MC Otani, Grade 12: A Tooth for an Eye” by The Knife — Steel drums, Karin Andersson’s vocals, and unconventional beats are an infallible combination, not to mention the beautiful, dancy music video. My favorite song of 2013.

Bruno Riguzzi, Grade 11: ABAW 723” by phon.o — I really like phon.o because he has some complex rhythms that evoke various emotions.

Ms. Beck: The Garden” by Cut Chemist. — This has long been a favorite of mine, even before I moved to Brazil. I like the way they mix electronics with real instruments seamlessly. I didn’t realize the girl was speaking Portuguese until I moved here.