Frankenstein’s Army: a ridiculously awesome movie

World War II was pretty hectic. Crazy people running around doing crazy things, and here we are, 70 years later, trying to make sense of it all. Somehow, Nazi zombies made it into the mix, but I think I can work with that. In any case, we tend to forget some of the other loony stuff that might have gone on. Set during this time, the movie Frankenstein’s Army has Dr. Frankenstein’s descendant team up with the Nazis and follow his ancestor’s footsteps in creating humanoid beings in an attempt to make the perfect super-soldier to win the war.

To begin, this movie does not care about you; it does not care about what you want, or what you expect, or even if you like it or not. The movie as a whole seems like it sets out to do two things: disgust you with its amount of gore (check) and show you some of the coolest monsters you will ever see in a movie (double check). The movie starts off seriously enough, as we follow a group of Soviet soldiers out hunting for Nazis, documented by handycam. It’s one of those lost-but-then-found footage movies, but trust me here, it’s worthwhile. These soldiers then stumble on what looks like an abandoned farm, where everything is not what it seems. It turns out that this abandoned farm is not so abandoned after all (shocker), as the soldiers are hunted down and attacked by a bizarre creature. However, once they are safe, it is very quickly revealed that the creature has friends, siblings, and perhaps overly adroit grandparents. The original vision of the world is quickly shattered, as the movie gets tired of its own story, and stops caring about what you think. Yes, it’s an awful movie, but who even cares—it’s totally awesome. The joke’s on whoever walked into this movie expecting the spectacle of the year.

All right, so a couple of important cautions: this movie is full of extremely disgusting visceral effects and maybe a few creepy moments. So if you’re a bit squeamish and don’t enjoy the sight of blood or any form of horror, this movie is not for you. For those of you who do enjoy the sight of blood in horror, watching it with a friend never hurts. It’s fun to talk about, discuss, and laugh at. Rotten Tomatoes gave this movie a 71%, which by horror standards, isn’t shabby. I give this movie a personal thumbs up for a horror movie because it is very open about what it is trying to achieve: showing you cool monsters while having a silly story. That’s basically it.