November Tunes

Teachers, students, alumni, and Mr. Cross the Physics Boss, representing all continents (excluding Antarctica), recommend music from home. Follow the link for a Spotify playlist on the go!


Joachim dos Santos (12), France

La Source by 1995

1995’s well-considered verses are mixed with upbeat melodies, making their music very enjoyable.

Anoushka Gandhi (11), India

Chulein Asmaan by Farhan Akhtar

This song is about Indian women and their right to fight for higher education. It’s great, and while you’re listening to it, go and support the initiative against rape started by MARD—Men Against Rape and Discrimination!

Mr. Hardwicke, USA

PHISH has had such a profound and positive aspect on my life that I would be doing a disservice to the world if I didn’t refer to them in Talon Tunes. Beyond their endless creativity, musical genius and variety of sounds and songs lies a community of devoted followers who have experienced the essence of the PHISH experience. It is a near Utopia-on-Earth-realized. A place where utilitarian ideas are expressed and real empathy is practiced. My life, like many others, has been uniquely shaped by PHISH and I highly this band to anyone looking to enrich their lives.To truly get the PHISH experience people should go to a live show. Here is Set 2 from July 5th, 2014.

Julia Lee (12) , Korea:

Umbrella by Epik High

While best if listened to on a rainy day, “Umbrella” is a soothing and painfully beautiful song that helps me to calm down and pause to enjoy the moment. The poetic lyrics that draw a metaphor between love and an umbrella are absolutely legendary.

Anais Ioschpe (Class of 2014), Italy:

Pensavo Fosse Amore e Invece by Fedez is an example of great Italian rap. An Italian friend of mine introduced the band to me. This song reminds me of him.

Rina Fujikawa (12), Japan:

Summer by Joe Hisaishi

Simply beautiful and relaxing.

Manny Camilion (12), Argentina:

Los Dinosaurios by Charly Garcia

This song has tremendous entertainment value. It’s catchy and humorous, and features some great piano moments.

MC Otani (12), Brazil:

Nada em Vão by Rodrigo Amarante

This will be one of the first songs in my “Missing Home” playlist. I love the instrumentation. It’s rich but meticulously spread out, making the song sound relaxing but never boring. The mood reminds me of Amarante’s music with Los Hermanos, uplifting with a tinge of nostalgia.

Michael Troute (12), USA:

Bloodbuzz Ohio by The National

I love the contradiction here; the upbeat drums pitted against the melancholy drone of the vocals and the minimal but effective guitar and piano, creates this deep and almost uncomfortable feeling of loss.

Mr. Cross (the Physics Boss), Canada:

Keep the Car Running by Arcade Fire

When it comes to Canadian music, I have a hard time deciding between Nickelback and the Biebs. I guess I’ll go with Arcade Fire to avoid this dilemma. My favorite song is “Keep the Car Running” from the often overlooked Neon Bible album. Arcade Fire works as background music but it’s much better when you focus on all the instruments and pay attention to the usually thought-provoking lyrics.

Sylvia Yang (12), Korea:

Oh My Prince by Neon Bunny

It rocks.

Mr. Fernandes, South Africa:

Believe by Watershed, and Scatterlings of Africa by Johnny Clegg

This is one of my favorite South African bands. Craig Hinds is a student of mine who recorded the song “Believe”  to raise awareness and funds for the Walter Sisulu Pediatric Cardiac center in Johannesburg. Although this song is not my favorite (I prefer songs from my own band), it is a song I listen to because of the reason it was written. 1% of all children in SA are born with heart defects.

However when I want to listen to good SA Music, I do love Johnny Clegg, who during apartheid was able to brings blacks and whites together through music like this.

Ms. Ange, Australia:

Eye of the Needle by Sia

I thought I’d highlight the phenomenal Aussie artist Sia for two reasons. The first is that she is a musical genius and the second is that most of you probably had no idea that she was from the land down under! I’m loving her new album 1000 Forms of Fear and think the rest of the record is worthy of the same kind of acclaim that Chandelier is currently enjoying.

Niklas Hildebrandt (12), Denmark:

Mama Said by Lukas Graham