Talon Staff recommends: Christmas presents!

December is here, and as students know, it means two things: two months of idleness and Christmas. Aside from the end of a semester, this is the hardest part of the year. How do you choose the perfect present for friends amid a technological revolution where hoverboards and home brewing machines are real? To help you make some decisions, The Talon staff recommends the following Christmas presents for others (and sometimes themselves):


Luis Wolfrid: A lifesize Shrek plush doll. Money would be nice, but you can say a lot with a present. You have lots of options, from ponchos to soprano trombones, but Shrek triumphs. Showing confidence and love despite the difficulties and ugliness of his life, he is the perfect role model. Therefore, having a life-size Shrek doll in your room would remind you that you can persevere and do something with your life. Shrek is love, Shrek is life.

Michael Borger: Oreo Cake. It’s delicious and salivatingly good. Do you need any other reason?

Bella Shim: A theremin. I won’t have to touch the instrument to make music. It’d be spotless!

Faria Nasruddin: Godiva’s 80-piece truffle set. Because it’s delicious.

MC Otani: George R. R. Martin’s recently released “A World of Ice and Fire.” A comprehensive encyclopedia narrating the history of Westeros and Essos, with illustrations and everything. Oh, and a college acceptance would be nice, too.

Fernanda Fiszner: Nothing, I’m Jewish. I don’t celebrate Christmas.

Mateo Games: Superpowers, because why not?

Matthew Kim: Books, I want to read them. Also, love.

Anoushka Gandhi: Christmas candy. People who celebrate Christmas don’t want it to be a clichéd celebration with a traditional cake and boring quiet parties, which is totally okay. But, I think that this means people miss out the typical Christmas treats like cookies, candy canes, and gingerbread.

Julia Lee: Box of chocolates. I have a personal bias for chocolate. If you’re giving a present, know the person and his or her wants. For me, it would be chocolate.

Fe Sayão: Light-up speakers. Because they’re so cool.

Mr. Berg: The Danish show Borgen, on DVD—the best TV show most people don’t know about, unless they are Nik Hildebrandt or otherwise Danish.

Ms. Pfeiffer: Japanese stationery items. When I first moved to Japan in 1994, I discovered superior mechanical pencils and pens (and cases and erasers and paper…). As a teacher, my life has been enriched by Japanese gel pens (I’m a “Uniball Signo .38mm” gal). I also deeply love washi tape and D-Clips. These are small, but great gifts that make daily life just a bit more pleasant.