La Blogothèque: an evocative encounter with your next favorite artist

When it comes to live entertainment, music is undoubtedly a matchless experience. However, it is limited to the spectator’s vantage point; as people can only stand in one place, stage designers and bands must plan accordingly. YouTube channel La Blogothèque strives to fight against this and combine angelic cinematography with predominantly undiscovered bands, providing viewers with the combined best of the film and music world.

La Blogothèque is the brain-child of independent Parisian filmmaker Vincent Moon. Moon began La Blogothèque (LB) in September 2003 and has since been uploading videos almost weekly to his website and Youtube channel. Moon’s LB projects began with short one-song films titled “A Take Away Show” where he would film artists performing an original song and film them in a continuous shot wherever they desired. The results are an indescribably expressive one-to-one session with independent artists.

As the channel, which now holds a quarter of a million subscribers and close to 77 million views, grew in popularity, so did the grandeur of its films. Where it once filmed in relatively simple settings such as one band’s home/recording studio, Moon has expanded to filming bands such as Phoenix in the Palace of Versailles or Jack White in the Château de Fontainebleau. Fortunately, La Blogothèque’s growth has not affected the intimacy of its films. One of their more recent films, “Rone – Quitter la Ville | A Take Away Show,” which features Rone solemnly walking through the grand and empty terminals of the Charles de Gaulle Airport, shows how its access to more elaborate locations has not intruded on the homey feel of the films. There is still as much strong emotion in the desolate sadness of Parisian musician Rone as there is quirky playfulness in Moon’s “Take Away Show” of American band Beirut.

Through all of La Blogothèque’s evocative short films, modest human nature shines through from artists that some of us, including myself, hold as superhuman. Seeing multiple-award winning folk artist Bon Iver awkwardly follow a group of tourists through the streets of Montmartre, Paris will be sure to make anyone crack a smile, even as he plays his most melancholic songs from his album, “For Emma, Forever Ago.”

La Blogothèque may not be for everyone, and admittedly, they do feature many bands with a niche audience that do not appeal to the mainstream consumer. Nonetheless, it is a channel worthy of hours of your time with pleasantly different performances to compare to usual live video recordings. However, do not blame me if you decide you want to start your own La Blogothèque-like channel and get slapped with restraining orders from your favorite bands for pestering them with phone calls about how you want to “get intimate” with their live performances.