The Fifth Season


Credits: Disney

Though there are only four real seasons in the calendar, there may be a fifth that is arguably the best: Awards Season. With awards season upon us, many have taken to making their predictions as to who will be taking the most prestigious awards. Whilst most award shows have already taken place in the film industry, including the Golden Globes, SAG and PGA Awards, there is still one award show that stands as the holy grail in film: The Oscars. To help you choose which ones to watch, I have broken them down into special categories below.

What you should watch if you like comedy/musicals:

  1. La La Land: With an amazing soundtrack, “La La land” is definitely your best choice if you like musicals.
  2. Moana: Funny jokes and skits throughout, and some incredible songs as well.
  3. Florence Foster Jenkins: One may question the quality of singing, but Florence FJ belts out tunes during the entire movie without faltering and never losing her good humor.

What you should watch if you like movies that leave you questioning:

  1. Captain Fantastic: “Captain Fantastic” makes you think about not only your life, but the fate of the world. It introduces an idea we have never seen before, and makes you think it could work.
  2. Arrival: It starts slowly, and may seem pointless, but stick it out. The story takes a crazy turn that leaves you wondering how you would react if you were the protagonist.
  3. Nocturnal Animals: This is a drama that shows that time can be unforgiving and the choices we make can have negative consequences. It is the anti- Disney movie of the season.

What you should watch if you like movies with strong female leads:

  1. Hidden Figures: Taraji P Henson, along with Octavia Spencer and Janelle Monáe deliver  jaw dropping performances that will inspire any female movie -goer
  2. Florence Foster Jenkins: Meryl Streep is the woman who does not care what others think of her.
  3. Jackie: Not a great movie, but Natalie Portman delivers a performance that shows strength and very strong character.
  4. Fences: Viola Davis never ceases to amaze us with her powerful take on the character of Rose Maxson.

What you should watch if you like action movies:

  1. Hell or High Water: A thriller of sorts, this is a movie that leaves you at the edge of your seat

What you should watch if you like movies based on real events:

  1. Hidden Figures: The untold story of Katherine Johnson, Dorothy Vaughn and Mary Jackson. The brains behind the launch of astronaut John Glenn.
  2. Lion: The story of Saroo finding his way back home. This will have you in tears.
  3. Hacksaw Ridge: The amazing story about a man saved the lives of over 70 men in the war without ever firing a gun.

What you should watch if you like movies about overcoming adversity:

  1. Hidden Figures: The women in this movie suffer from both racism and sexism but still power through never losing hope.
  2. Moonlight: The story of finding yourself, and accepting who you are regardless if your past.

What you should watch if you like love stories:

  1. Loving: It is in the title, and it is one of the greatest love stories of our time.
  2. La La Land: The movie weaves the tale of a love story between a struggling jazz musician and a struggling actress.
  3. Hidden Figures: Even though it is not the main plot of the movie, there is a romance that happens behind the scenes at NASA.

What you should watch if you like movies with a hero:

  1. Moana: The young girl who saves her tribe.
  2. Zootopia: In “Zootopia” a bunny cop tries to save a corrupt system that favors only the prey.

What you should watch if you like movies that make you cry:

  1. Captain Fantastic: There is a series of scenes towards the end of the movie that will leave you in tears.
  2. Hidden Figures: Throughout the movie, there are parts that will make you so angry and frustrated you can’t help but cry.
  3. Lion: From beginning to end, this movie leaves you in tears with its powerful message.
  4. Manchester by the Sea: The story of love and regret in a small town that will make you emotional.

If you only have time to watch one Oscar nominee, my advice is to watch Captain Fantastic. It’s gripping, insightful and it’ll leave you thinking about the story for days after finishing the movie.


Don’t miss the Oscars Sunday February 26th on TNT starting with the red carpet at 9pm!