Always Carnival


Public Domain

Carnival is a special moment in the life of the people of this country. On this responsibility-free holiday, people are able to enjoy what arguably is the biggest country-wide party for the span of three days, if not more. Carnival is something people look forward to every year and has a special place in many hearts. However, what if you didn’t have to wait for Carnival but could actually experience it any time? It is with that thinking that João Correia invented the establishment “Always Carnival,” a place where, much like the name suggests, it is always Carnival.


When one decides to enter the place, one is greeted with familiar sounds of samba because it is modeled on the Carnival in Rio. The ground is covered in confetti and assorted cans. To the left, a huge projector is playing the highlights from every Carnival on a loop. Going deeper, it is possible to find a room where a fully functioning bar is located, filled with all sorts of beverages for every kind of taste. Much like the other room, the counter is filled with confetti as well. While a bartender is present, communication is extremely hard due to the music being as loud as if you were standing right next to the gigantic Carnival floats. If the party in Rio isn’t your thing, don’t worry, since the building is equipped with thematic rooms from all over the country, spanning from the “Frevo” from Recife to the “Trios elétricos” of Salvador. The place has been crowded ever since it was founded, not only because it resembles an amazing holiday, but also means because, as long as you’re there, you don’t need to worry about anything at all. While it is extremely successful, João is still unsatisfied. According to him, the next course of action is not to open new establishments countrywide, but a city.
João has loved Carnival ever since he was a kid. He loved to dress up in outfits and play around with his friends. Of course, as he grew older, his love for Carnival changed and it developed into an adoration of the holiday. He loved it all: the party, the music, the lack of responsibility; he couldn’t get enough of it. That was exactly the reason why he created “Always Carnival.” But his eyes are set on something bigger: a city. According to him, having a city instead of a place would be infinitely better, since the simulation would be more real. João states that he’d be able to organize his own floats and every attraction, and each neighborhood would be themed after a different city for the ultimate enjoyment. There would only be three kinds of buildings: hotels, restaurants, and carnival supply stores. Anyone would be able to drive to the city anytime. While João is currently arguing with the government for this rights to establish his city, the success of this plan would mean a new world for holidays. The future could hold a holiday country, where each city is themed after a holiday, redefining cross-country trips. It could also hold many more of these themed places, such as an “Always Christmas” for the people in a jolly mood or an “Always New Year” for the people who just want this year to end. Nevertheless, “Always Carnival” will stand as one of the most interesting, bizarre and, in the end, Brazilian things in history.