Great Days


Making your holidays and breaks special might not always be a walk in the park. Often, it’s a hit or miss occasion, a time when amazing memories are quickly followed by stagnant days mostly spent watching Netflix at home. After many complaints from the population, life decided to leave it up for people to decide when they want a bizarre summer in the new app Great Days.

In this app, users will receive an annual quota of “great days” that they can apply in any occasion of the year. With this, people all around the globe can decide when they will have their shiny, diamond-like memories and when they will have just another regular day. The app works easily enough: from your quota, you select the “great day” and assign it to a date in the calendar. It is then guaranteed that, in the assigned day, you’ll experience an amazing day. And just like that, you can make your holidays memorable all throughout.

That is not the only feature of the app. Since generalizing the definition of what a great day is would lead to chaos, the app also has a personalization option. There, you can decide on the weather, temperature, general attitude of your peers, and even foods of your happy moments. In case you wanted something more specific, like having your crush like you back or winning a big game, you’d have to use up more than one great day—a way life found to maintain the balance of good and bad. Of course, it wouldn’t be much of an app if it didn’t have micro-transactions. You can also acquire the premium version, Amazing Days, and you don’t have to give up extra great days to forge golden experiences. The only way to acquire that is if you manage to have another person give up all of their great days to you, something that some commentators are considering cruel. 

While the creation of such an app is an awesome way to start taking matters into your own hands, many users think it’s too complicated. Some argue that using days as an in-app currency is too cruel, and they argue that gerat days should be replenishable by gaining additional currency from bad days. Life, the company behind the app, is still hesitant to accept that change, since every single person would receive 365 days of currency due to the mere existence of the year 2016. Another problem users face is the premium version, a format that, as stated before, is fiendish. Some people are already organizing syndicates for those who were forced to give up their great days, and the courts are facing turmoil like never before. Some lawyers are even breaking down in court over the stress they’re facing. However, premium users are having resets in their app, making the experience hell for them. Life says it’s a bug, but people think it’s the company’s doing. We interviewed one of the activists on their opinion about this: “There’s no way it’s only a bug. Life is doing this on purpose. It’s balancing out the bad things; it’s their job to do so. We all know Life screws with everyone.”