Earth, Wind, Fire and other pagan rituals


Pagan religions have experienced a steady decline ever since Christianity spread through the world. However, some cultures managed to retain those traditions and regularly meet up to praise the sun and many other forces. One of their biggest problems nowadays is figuring out how to convert people into paganism. Unlike most major beliefs in the world, pagans are not given any representation in the media, and so the youth see the members as backward and uncivilized. However, a new hope has risen for the pagan group “Wiccan exist”, and that hope is the band “Earth, Wind & Fire.”


The decision of adopting the band into their  association was made after the members heard the song “Boogie Wonderland”. According to the leader of the group,“The song is so funky that we decided to see who was the band playing it, and that’s when we realised we had pagans in the music industry.” When asked why they think the band represents them, he said: Just by looking at their name, we see that they dialogue with our ideals. I mean, ‘Earth, Wind & Fire’? That’s the most pagan name I’ve ever seen.”


To continue their project of attracting youth, the group decided to religiously follow the band’s demand in order to break the barriers between traditional and contemporary paganism. The group collectively decided on the song “September” based on the number of plays it has on Spotify. They believe that by picking their most popular song, more people will be prone to joining in on their rituals.


In order to adapt to the new wave of paganism, their celebrations have changed a lot. Traditionally, the group used to have one big gathering every year on the faraway Panera mor island. Now, every 21st night of September, the pagans hold a huge concert that takes up the whole island due to its sheer turn out. During this festival, artists only play different versions of the classic “Earth, Wind & Fire” tunes, with a special focus on the more groovy ones, since – according to the leader- they are “easier to convert people with.”


While this change has been a shocker to the world, what might be an even greater surprise is the fact that the band is considering attending the festival. While the leader couldn’t answer many of our questions due to the project “still being in the works”, he affirmed that everyone “Will remember dancing in September.”