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What should I watch next?

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What should I watch next?

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Finishing a tv show is hard. Especially when you binge-watched it all in one week and don’t know how to function without it anymore. Here is a list of tv show nicotine patches: basically, shows that are similar to the one you just ended, to slowly rid you of your addiction,  so you don’t go crazy waiting for a reboot that will never come.


Friends: inarguably the best tv show ever made.

Key features: Group of 20/30 somethings, set in new york, sitcom, 6+ seasons

Nicotine patch: How I met your mother (4/4), Seinfeld (4/4)


Scandal: drama city 24/7

Key features: the amazing Shonda Rhimes, too much drama to handle

Nicotine patch: Grey’s Anatomy (2/2), How to get away with murder (2/2) and Rimes’ newest show Station 49


Grace and Frankie: extraordinarily witty

Key features: Netflix original, light-hearted, funny

Nicotine patch: Santa Clarita diet (3/3), New girl (⅔)


Gilmore girls: iconic

Key features: witty, small town, female leads, light-hearted

Nicotine patch: Hart of Dixie (3/4), Jane the Virgin (3/4)


Pretty Little Liars: Teen drama 101

Key features: “dramatic”, lots of cliffhangers, lots of ships

Nicotine patch: The Vampire Diaries (3/3), Riverdale (3/3)


White Collar: Neal Caffrey (google him)

Key features: FBI, law, attractive characters, DRAMA

Nicotine patch: Quantico (3/4), Suits (3/4), The good wife (¾)


Modern Family: best thing since sliced bread

Key features: family friendly, hilarious, relevant

Nicotine patch: Black-ish (3/3 and extra points for addressing political issues!), Fresh off the boat (3/3)


Gossip girl: Drama of the rich but not actually famous,

Key features: unrealistic teen drama, $$$$, couples who fight (a lot), intense family relationships

Nicotine patch: Dynasty (3/4), The OC (4/4), One tree hill (¾)


Sex and the city: Women who rule the screen

Key features: strong female characters, New York city, light drama, 90s-esque.

Nicotine patch: The Carrie diaries (*prequel about the main character growing up) , The Mindy project (¾)


Stranger things: cool kids in the 70s

Key features: 70s/80s vibe, Retro, Kids/teens as main character, suburbs

Nicotine patch: That 70s show (4/4), Freaks and Geeks (4/4), everything sucks (4/4)


30 rock: The genius of Tina Fey

Key features: Well written, dry humor, workplace comedy

Nicotine Patch: Parks & rec (3/3),  The office 3/3), Brooklyn 99 (3/3)


America’s Next Top Model: Smize

Key Features: Judges, Competition, Fashion

Nicotine Patch: Project runway (3/3), ANTM Spin-offs – British, College, Boys and Girls(3/3)


Hell’s kitchen: A show you will not want to be a contestant on.

Key features: Cooking, competition, Gordon Ramsay screaming his head off

Nicotine Patch: Masterchef (3/3), Kitchen Nightmares (⅔)


Two & a half men: a staple CBS comedy

Key features: set in the west coast, predominantly male cast, CBS, very funny

Nicotine patch: Big bang theory (4/4), Silicone valley (¾)


Arrow: Superheroes meet the small screen

Key features: based on a comic book hero

Nicotine patch: The Flash, Supergirl, Daredevil, Jessica Jones


Remember: there is an endless array of tv shows out there just waiting to be binge-watched, whether you like comedy, drama or reality

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