Why Netflix’s New Coming of Age TV Shows, Everything Sucks and On My Block, should be on your “to-watch” list


Credits: Netflix

2018 is a fresh year, and happily, this means fresh new shows! As usual, Netflix has not disappointed its members by producing several new hits, two of them being On My Block and Everything Sucks. For all those tv show maniacs that attend high school in their spare time, these two Netflix releases should be on your list!

On My Block narrates the story of a group of Hispanic American friends entering high school and is set in the chaotic streets of LA. It resembles classic teen dramas -The OC, 90210, etc. – however with an innovative and modern twist. The show was co-created by Awkward’s Laura Lungerich, so it has a very relevant and real portrayal of teenage life.

Everything Sucks (opposite from its name, the show does not suck) also depicts the story of a group of teenage friends entering high school, but it is set in “Boring, Oregon” (yes, that is the official name) during the 90’s. As expected, the show depicts the “boring” life of these teenagers and as they search for their unique identities and a more exciting future. The show relys on nostalgia, falling a bit into 90s cliche and even qualifying as a parody of the decade; it highly resembles Freaks and Geeks, Stranger Things, The Breakfast Club etc.

Both new releases are worth watching for several reasons. First, the shows shine the light on recurrent issues. On My Block exposes the difficulties of the Latino community in the United States. For example, **not a spoiler** one of the main character’s parents, Olivia, is deported. With immigration being a controversial issue in the United States, or shall I say “Trump’s America,” Latino representation is essential! In addition, On My Block criticizes sexism in society as the tomboy, Monsie, challenges gender roles as she transitions into womanhood. Lastly, the show also exposes the cruel reality of violence due to gangs. Everything Sucks mostly focuses on teen sexuality. The show follows the journey of discovering and accepting one’s sexuality and provides a truthful representation of LGBT teens in television.

On My Block and Everything Sucks explore essential aspects of the confusing and chaotic stage that is adolescence. Both shows portrays the journey of discovering and embracing one’s family identity, including the complicated relationship between teens and their parents. The shows also accompanies the search for one’s individual identity as they fall in love, explore their passions, and attempt to follow or defy expectations.

To top things off, there’s already an entire season out of both shows! Get ready to binge AF (all Friday)! Gladly, On My Block has been renewed for another season! Even though Everything Sucks has been canceled by Netflix and there have been no predictions of other networks continuing it (yet), which is disappointing AF (As Friends’ comeback rumors), at least the short duration of the show will make the viewer embrace each episode even more, like Freaks and Geeks. (Yes, these two shows are weirdly similar. I bet twenty years from now we’ll look back and realize Peyton Kennedy, Jahi Winston, Patch Darragh, etc. in Everything Sucks are the young James Franco, Seth Rogen, and Jason Segel of Freaks and Geeks today.) So from one tv maniac attending school on their free time to another, stop reading this article and open Netflix right now because On My Block and Everything Sucks can not be ignored!