Milking it

Anyone who has gone to the movies recently may have noticed a pattern in the blockbusters this summer: most of the highest grossing movies are sequels, remakes, and continuations of already famous franchises. Of the 10 highest grossing movies of 2018 (according to AMC), eight are not the first of their kind. The question that remains now is, do these movies live up to their predecessors, or are the producers just milking everything they can out of a franchise whose end is long overdue.

Now, creating an omnipresent franchise is not a new concept. Take the Harry Potter book series. It has been made into movies, plays, a website (Pottermore) and there have been prequels and ‘related’ books added to the series (see: fantastic beasts and where to find them) that have gone on to have their own movies. They have toy and clothing lines and even an entire part of a universal studios park dedicated to them. Die Hard Harry Potter fans are quick to defend the franchise and that’s because for the most part, even though the quantity of Potter paraphernalia has increased, the quality has not decreased. Quality is one of the defining factors in deciding whether a franchise is being authentic or milking it.


Mamma Mia 2

How does it compare? With Cher in the mix and classics like “Waterloo” and “Fernando”, there was something for everyone.

Something for the original fans: The Dancing Queen sequence was flawless and Colin Firth Stole the show. The full cast rendition of Super Trooper felt wonderfully familiar and everyone in the theater was singing at the end.

Verdict: Authentic


Incredibles 2

How does it compare? 14 years in the making and wow did it live up to the hype. Incredibles 2 was even better than the first one.

Something for the original fans: Jack Jack was even funnier in this movie, with more powers and causing more chaos. Frozone, Edna, and all your favorites also made appearances.  

Verdict: Authentic


Hotel Transylvania 3

How does it compare? The movie went against the entire premise of the first two when you could only “Zing” with one person, and that it is love at first sight.

Something for the original fans: The movie still ended in a hilarious dance sequence and there were many quotable lines throughout. Namely “Cute toot honey” which my 6-year-old cousin has made her catchphrase.

Verdict: Milking it


Mission impossible – Fallout (7)

How does it compare? Action packed, thrilling and wonderful acting by Superman, it still seemed vaguely similar its six predecessors.  

Something for the original fans: The final scene has you at the edge of your seat wondering if he will be able to do the “impossible”.

Verdict: Great movie, but did we need another one?


Deadpool 2

How does it compare? I laughed so hard I cried at multiple moments in this movie. No one is complaining about the Brad Pitt cameo either.

Something for the original fans: Ryan Rendoyls continues to poke fun at himself and at existing franchises like X-men.

Verdict: Authentic


Ocean’s 8

How does it compare? The unraveling of the crime was filled with suspense and awe. The storyline was marvelously crafted with small bits of comedy interlaced in the action and drama.

Something for the original fans: It was star-studded, to say the least. With Sandra Bullock as the lead and Mindy Kaling, Anne Hathaway and 5 other ultra famous leading ladies.

Verdict: Authentic


Overall, I was entertained during all of these movies regardless of authenticity and encourage you to go to your nearest Cinemark and judge for yourself if these movies live up to the first of there name. On a related note, if you want to watch something new that came out this year, and is the first of its kind I would check out “Love, Simon”, “Black Panther” and “Crazy Rich Asians”.