The Best Burger in São Paulo!


Credit: Pexels

It is Saturday afternoon; you are sitting on your couch and lurking through Instagram stories and you see a mouth-watering hamburger with truffled french fries. The only problem is that you do not know where it is. What to do? This article serves the purpose of reviewing the restaurants in Graded students’ rank for “Top 3 Burgers of São Paulo,” including Z Deli Sandwich Shop, Cabana Burger, and Stunt Burger.




In third place is the famous Stunt Burger. Located on Rua José Jannarelli (Morumbi), this restaurant is the most different out of the three included in this article. It has a straight-forward system; the customer goes to the bar and makes their own burger out of the different options. Any combination will cost you R$19, which is a fair price. It is also worth trying their amazing milkshakes, specifically of Nutella and Paçoca. The service is quick and effective, but while you wait you can enjoy the old-fashioned environment of the restaurant, which even has an arcade game of Apollo 13. Their services are also included in the app iFood; so if you are craving a delicious burger and milkshake, but don’t have the time to stop by, you will still be able to enjoy Stunt.




The runner-up is Z Deli Sandwich Shop, located on Rua Haddock Lobo (Jardim América) and Rua Francisco Leitão (Pinheiros). It is a small diner that opened up in 2011 and instantly became a huge success. Known for their famous sandwiches and rosemary covered fries, Z Deli is never empty. Regardless of which establishment, waiting in line is a part of the experience. Still, nothing a great meal cannot fix! The combination of the fries with the cheeseburger ranges from R$40 – R$45. However, the burger with original bread from the bakery next door, perfectly cooked steak, all the different add-ons, and of course, the crunchy hand-cut fries with mayonnaise, are all worth the wait and price. It is a casual environment, appropriate for any situation and time of day. Even though it does not offer any type of delivery services, the overall experience is definitely worth it.




In first place, inspired in the famous American restaurant chain Shake Shack, Cabana Burger is a nice open environment with a porch on the outside and a large area on the inside. Located on Rua Oscar Freire (Jardins), the restaurant has products associated with well-known brands such as pieces of bread from “Santo Pão”, desserts from “Le Botteghe di Leonardo”, and steak from “Debetti”. Cabana’s menu has eight different burgers(including a vegetarian option) and is known for their curly truffle fries. Prices of a complete meal (not including beverages) will range from R$20-R$40 depending on sizes & types of burgers and fries. In addition, for some areas in the city, the restaurant offers delivery service in iFood, so if you are ever lucky enough to be around those areas and have the desire to eat an amazing American style burger, Cabana is the way to go.


São Paulo offers a great variety of restaurants and different types of food, so if you are looking for a delicious burger either on the streets or delivered to your house, Z Deli, Cabana, and Stunt have all been beyond approved by the Graded Community! Despite the ranking, all three restaurants are 100% worth checking out! They are each different from each other, especially the style of the physical restaurants, but at the end of the day what everybody wants is just to have a delicious burger – and all three restaurants will definitely do that!