Short Description of the Zodiac


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We’ve all read Instagram’s astrology posts or read our horoscope on websites, but I have been asked multiple times what each zodiac sign really means. I love learning about astrology. I spent a lot of time learning about each sign, and how to read an astrological map. Before saying anything, astrology is the study of the positioning of planets and how it affects our lives. Whether you believe it or not, it is a little spooky how accurate it can be. These are my take on the signs, based on my knowledge and experiences with each zodiac.



Aries- (March 21th to April 19th). When they speak, you follow, making them a bit bossy at times. They are the confident friend who will make you talk to your crush for the first time. They can be a bit intimidating because they are so strong, so when trying to be their friend- just be chill. They will be the first people to audition for theatre musical and not be afraid to sing a solo in choir. Maybe even go behind Mr. Cope’s back, and dare you to climb the rock climbing wall, ending in you both getting into trouble.


Taurus- (April 20th to May 20th). The friend who will constantly make you feel loved and appreciated. Commonly known as the sign of the foodies. They won’t hesitate to get into a fight with you because you stole their french fry on hamburger day, and will make you stay in the cafeteria so they can repeat their taco. They go by the saying “quality over quantity”, which can be seen in their fashion sense. Taureans love splurging on items, making them a great shopping buddy. The best sign in the entire horoscope. That has nothing to do with the fact that I’m a Taurus.


Gemini- (May 21st to June 20th). The twin sign. Two faced, even. They can change their mood faster than you can even blink. One day they say your summative is due on Tuesday, the next day they say that they’re changing the entire assignment. You never know who you’re going to get with a Gemini. They are like a chameleon, who can change their personality due to the vibe of a group and atmosphere. An incredibly smart and passionate sign. They’re very witty and energetic; a glass-half-full sort of person.


Cancer- (June 21st to July 22nd). The most lovable person in the world. They will do everything to make you happy. If you want to have a romcom movie marathon, they are the ones to call. They will likely show up with candy bars also. To them, little things matter. They will take the time to do a small act because they know it will cheer you up. They will cry when you go to CWW, and you hear someone talking about a sad past experience. They’re the friend you go to for venting. They will mostly cry with you half the time, which can be counterproductive, but at least you know they care.


Leo- (July 23rd to August 22nd). Very bold and courageous, they are of one the few signs that will fight to the death in order to help you. The person who yells the senior’s chant in assembly. They will also likely get daily detention for being late to class because they were talking to their friends in the hall. Can be a little hard to handle, and around them, you will definitely have to become the “mom” friend. They will force you to participate in a karaoke contest, and party with you until you drop. They will dance in heels for the entire night, and make friends with everyone at the party. Can get a little annoying once they ditch you for a stranger they met in the bathroom. Very worth it though, they are the best party companion.


Virgo- (August 23rd to September 22nd). Highly intelligent. They will have a plan ready before you even need one. The Knowledge Bowl club leaders and Presidents of StuCo. They will get into an Ivy League school because they’ve got the Eagle Award since freshman year. The one who will tell you to text them once you get home, and to be responsible when you’re going out. Their attention to detail is like none other. Virgo’s are organized and efficient. They are the boss who brings a company from bankruptcy to making millions of dollars. They can come off as a little high maintenance because they will get mad when one little book is missing from their shelf. The Monica Geller of the group.


Libra- (September 23rd to October 22nd). The sign of fairness. They know equal is different than fair. They will look at every individual person to see what they need. Libra’s also love keeping the peace and will do everything to avoid a conflict. They love Ms. Davenport’s famous mindful moments sessions in class, so they can close their eyes and reflect on their day. Libra’s will be the first person to go to a teacher and argue with them over how they believe their summative grade is unfair. They will talk during a movie because they think that the main character is doing a dumb decision, causing you to pause the movie so they can stop talking. They will probably be a judge or the lawyer. No one can lie to them, or try to finesse them.


Scorpio- (October 23rd to November 22nd). Interesting and mysterious. An incredibly passionate and determined sign that fights hard but loves a million times harder. They can come off as mean before you know them, making some rude remarks or rolling their eyes. It’s as if they’re a chocolate truffle. They have a shell on the outside but are very sweet and unexpected on the inside. When they trust you, they will give you their world. They are one of the best friends you will ever make. It was probably a Scorpio who came up with the idea of having a Senior Lawn, so they can have a secluded place from the rest of HS to chill out or work on their assignments.


Sagittarius- (November 23rd to December 21st). They are a free soul. The best PGC leader you’ll ever have. They are the fun friend who will take you to Disney World in the morning and the bowling alley at night. They are the most open-minded, wise, and intelligent sign. They are all very child-like. If you see a high schooler in the lower school playground swinging on the swings, 90% chance they’re a Sagittarius. They can be immature, but when you need them to be serious they can be. If a teacher gets mad at them they will laugh at their face but realize they were wrong, and later for being rude. They are also very blunt. They will tell you if you look bad in an outfit, or if you’re being too dramatic.


Capricorn- (December 22nd to January 20th). The world would not function without them because they get things done on their own. They are very strong people, and if someone tells them that they are weak, they will prove that person wrong. They can be in any leadership position in the school that they want. They are the student that the entire grade votes for to be class representative for StuCo because people trust that they will get stuff done. They are the most hard-working sign. They can be a little boring since they are very work-oriented. If you get a Capricorn to loosen up, they will actually be very fun people. But that’s a big if.


Aquarius- (January 21st to February 18th). They want to help people, and they do it well. If you listen to them, your life will change. Probably run some sort of happiness club, and will bring cupcakes to their mentoring group because they felt like it. They always want to make the world a better place, and frankly, thanks to them it already is. They are the philanthropists, the people who donate to charity, the teachers, etc. It can be annoying how good of a person they are because they never want to be on anyone’s bad side. They don’t position themselves in an argument, which can hurt at times because they won’t fight with you in a war. They’ll be on the sidelines watching both sides.


Pisces- (February 19th to March 20th). Wisest sign of them all. They are emotional and caring; they feel whatever you feel. Pisces are the kind of people who always help even if they don’t know you. Counselors, nurses, psychologist and anyone in school you get a more personal support from. Although be warned, if a Pisces gets emotional (which happens a lot), they will never stop crying. They are a romantic comedy as a person. They feel so many emotions, that’s why they will always make sure you are loved. When you hear a story from Ms. Roy that involves a person taking care of her friend at a party, the caretaker is most likely a Pisces.