Remember Middle School? It Sucked!


We’ve all been there: that awkward stage between being a child and a young adult. It is weird. The hormones start to hit, and it all goes downhill from there. Stuff is changing! Middle School is probably one of the best places to look for life lessons, as everything that happened during that time probably made us feel awkward. I am not just talking about the drama or the loss of self-identity. It’s the little things, like how the teachers got involved when trying to explain the birds and the bees, and the Middle School couples lasting a record of one lunchtime. Do not even get me started on those uncomfortable health videos filmed on a low budget in the 90’s about how our body change is ‘just around the corner’ (yes that was the actual title of the movie that traumatized me in the sixth grade). With a set of teeth full of braces and a face full of pimples, I was nowhere near ready to handle the scary land of Middle School. I remember always face-palming at the awkward conversations counselors would have with us about how our bodies are changing, and all those other icky things. From my entire Middle School career, there is not a moment where I do not cringe with embarrassment. If you don’t remember, let me remind you with the following list of things that was key to everyone’s Middle School experience:


All. The. Gossip.

Never in my life have I dealt with more rumors than when I was in Middle School. Everyone talked about each other behind their backs, made up rumors. I cannot tell you the number of times I heard phrases like: “OMG! Guess what I heard about this person!” or “Don’t tell anyone, it’s a secret and I promised her I wouldn’t tell!” or “Did you hear about this?” or “Did she really say that? What a creep.” My friend group, in particular, was gossip central and did not stop talking about other people. The worst part is how everyone was so fake to each other in person but had no problem talking about someone when they were not there to defend themselves. Plus, everyone starts to a feel more grown up in Middle School, so naturally, a lot of kids start swearing. Those strong words could make any tiny rant blow out of proportion. Honestly, this is probably why everyone tries to conform and be exactly the same so that they can protect themselves from all the judgment.


Puppy Love

Middle School romances. We all remember those. At least for me, this was my most awkward moment. I had a boyfriend and it was the cringiest thing ever, yet I felt so mature. It was like my own, real-life High School Musical and Camp Rock. The best part about a Middle School relationship: dancing a meter apart from each other during Let Her Go by Passenger at the Middle School dances.


Getting lost

As cheesy as it sounds, Middle School is definitely the time when we get a little lost and lose grip of who we are. In elementary school, no one has a care in the world! It is all about playing in the sandbox with a random kid in your literacy class during recess and chatting about the latest episode of Spongebob with another kid during snack time. No one was tainted by insecurity, judgment, popularity, fear of rejection, or fear of missing out. Now, do not get me wrong, I am not saying that little kids cannot be mean, but at least there was confidence and a care-free environment as a child. Middle School wasa whole other story. Everyone is wearing the same clothes, acting the same way, talking the same way; just trying to find a way to fit themselves into a tiny space. It is as if everyone is a puzzle piece trying to cram themselves into a slot where they do not fit. But the shape of your puzzle piece is what makes up your identity.


Middle School is tough. I can safely say that we are all happy to have left this awkward stage and come to a place where we can be treated with more respect and have more responsibilities as we have matured. But what is most important to take away from that experience is that we all got through it. Hopefully, we have learned lots of lessons and can apply them to our lives as we try to stumble ourselves through high school and into the adult world. Never forget what you learned in Middle School, but do try and forget the cringey mess you were, because–let’s be real here–that was awkward.