Which Graded Student Are You?



Everyone falls into one of these four Graded student stereotypes. Inspired by Buzzfeed, the Talon brings to you an all new quiz: Which Graded student Are You?


Do you turn in homework on time?

A- Yes.

B- There was homework?

C- I’ll do it later.

D- Sometimes, depends.


How many after-school activities are you a part of?

A- 4-5

B- 0-2

C- 2-3

D- 5-7


How many tardies do you have?

A- 0-2

B- I can’t even count them…

C- 5-7

D- 2-5


What do you order at the snack bar?

A- Fruit

B- Sushi

C- Juice

D- Pão de Queijo


What’s your favorite class?

A- English 

B- Lunch

C- Math

D- An elective


If you could join any of these clubs, which one would it be?

A- Study hall

B- Fight club

C- Creative writing 

D- Meditation


What’s your favorite place at Graded?

A- Your grade’s hallway

B- Snack bar

C- Field

D- Arts Center


How would you describe yourself?

A- Prepared

B- Go-with-the-flow

C- Chill

D- Neurotic



You’re a level 7 student.

Congratulations! Everyone wants to be you, but not everyone can. It takes a great deal of hard work to pass every class with flying colors. Chances are you’re probably involved in Knowledge Bowl or Stuco, making you one of the few people who will get accepted into an Ivy League school. You stress over tests thinking you’re gonna fail, but you always end up helping your friends study for the retake. Your EE was sensational and your HL’s are your favorite classes. Good on you!



You’re practically failing.

How are you still at Graded? You probably know Mrs. Cope better than anyone, being that you spend the majority of your time in detention. You try to focus in class but end up playing “GetMit!”, leading you to be completely lost. You focus too much on your weekend plans, and not enough on your weekday ones. Maybe try to check Google Classroom once in a while, it will prevent you from always having SAS. 



You somehow get good grades.

This makes up 50% of the Graded students. Procrastination is your middle name, and “winging it” is your favorite study method. You spend your recesses walking laps on the field and getting lost in conversation. All of your best friends have the same classes as you, so you basically get nothing done. You never know what the homework is, and is late constantly- although Mrs. Cope loves you. Don’t worry, you’ll get into your top college because you’re really smart. Just put in a little effort.



You’re a well-rounded student.

You’re in every club possible. You probably even lead half of them. You are a machine. Good grades, after-school activities, community service, you name it. You never have to worry about CAS, and you love TOK. You run on coffee and get 3 hours of sleep every night. You get tardies often and take multiple sick days from stress. You are the most balanced, determined and motivated person out there. No need to worry about college, you’ll get in anywhere. Your hard work will be seen, and your application will stand out.