Must-Have Playlists for All Your Graded Moods


Student life is a rollercoaster and we need music to get through this ride. For all your ups and downs, Gradio has you covered. Gradio, Graded’s own student-led radio, have debuted their Spotify this last semester with playlists that truly represent every Graded mood and speak to all Graded Eagles.


Fried chicken day

It’s 10:50 am. 10 minutes until lunch… Your stomach is rumbling. You check the school menu, and yes, yes! There’s fried chicken! (Also known as “chicken frango” *read in English*.) While some may argue that the best meal is tacos or even yakisoba (which seems to have been absent this year), everyone can agree that fried chicken is amazing. On days we have it, the sun shines extra bright, the air-conditioner is at the perfect temperature, and there’s free flex. Everything is perfect. To match your excitement on such a day, Gradio’s “Fried Chicken” playlist has you covered. A couple of the songs in the playlist are “Lose Yourself to Dance”, which will literally make you lose yourself to dance, the contagious beat of “Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)”, and the classic song “Don’t Stop ‘TIll I get Enough” by the king of pop, Michael Jackson.  


Free Flex

For Seniors relaxing in the Senior lawn, Sophomores and Freshmen on the hammocks, and the juniors — ehh, in the counselor’s office and physics classroom for some reason? — Gradio’s playlists “Hammock“, “Chill House“, and “Sunflower” are perfect.  “Hammock” has a mixture of songs ranging from Louis Armstrong’s version of “La vie en rose” to “My Favorite Part” by MacMiller and Ariana Grande.”Chill House” is more focused on lounge electronic music. Lastly, “Sunflower” has a more alternative feel with songs from The Strokes, Alt-J, and Tame Impala.  


Summative week

Even though there’s no official test week at Graded, there’s no discussion that Summative Week feels real. Its Sunday night and suddenly you realize that there are 3 tests, 2 essays, and 1 presentation for this week. Sure, some teachers may have warned you about their test weeks or even months (thank you Ms.Doro!) before, but still, it all seems like an insane surprise. Teachers are stressed; students are stressed. The school is basically infested by caffeine-driven zombies. Gradio’s “Summative Week” playlist will help you get through these moments that seem to last forever. The songs “Help” by The Beatles and “Under Pressure” from Queen will be the musical representation of your current state. “Bohemian Rhapsody”, with its many changes in rhythm and mood will also express the emotional rollercoaster of Summative Week. After all this drama, you can still rely on some motivation from Michael Jackson’s classic song “ABC”, who’s excited beat will provide you with energy to study. The playlist also has inspirational songs like “Eye of the Tiger”, which will make you feel ready to beat your summative like Rocky. 


Sunny at 8:00 am

Graded’s Morning Playlist” is perfect to start off your day right. The playlist has a wide variety of songs. It includes more relaxing tunes like Tribalistas’ “Velha Infancia”, Bill Withers’ “Ain’t No Sunshine”,  and Vulfpeck’s “Birds of a Feather, We Rock Together”, that will soothe your morning distress and prepare you for a nice, calm day. There are also more upbeat songs like “Glamour Girl”, “Que Beleza” and the remix of the classic songs “Taj Mahal”, “Fio Maravilha”, and “País Tropical”.


Never worry again about not finding the perfect song thanks to Gradio! Be sure to check their updates in Spotify!”