Why Friends Is the Best Show of All Time


Source: NBC, edited by Makoto Sahashi

As all of my friends know, I am the biggest Friends fan of all time. I can quote entire jokes, remember all the plot lines, and tell you a lot of behind the scenes secrets (did you know that Matthew Perry actually made up a lot of Chandler’s jokes?). For those of you who have been living under a rock, Friends is a TV show that started in the ‘90s and ended in the late ‘00s with 10 seasons. It is a sitcom surrounding six friends in their journey through adulthood, and it’s awfully funny, emotional, and entertaining. A lot of my friends try to compare it with shows like How I Met Your Mother or Two-and-a-Half Men, and to that I say: no! Friends is and will always be the best show of all time. And here’s why.

The series features six of some of the most iconic characters of all time. These characters teach us so much, and grow to be our own friends (as if we were the seventh member). My personal favorite is Joey, who is the funny, adorable, not-so-bright actor whose presence blesses us in each scene he is in. Although some may only see his humorous side, he teaches us to always follow our dreams. Another character is Chandler, one of the dearest in the show. He is the sarcastic, awkward guy with a big fear of commitment. Yet, he teaches us to face our fears and take a chance at love. Another favorite of mine is Monica, who is an overly organized, responsible, and loving woman (whom we all love in return). She taught us that it’s okay to have certain aspects of our life we like to control, and that some things end up being out of our control. 

The next reason why Friends is the best is because of the jokes. Each episode has a run time of only 20 minutes, but every minute features about four jokes. So if you do the math, that’s 80 jokes per episode. That’s a lot of laughing in just 20 minutes. The jokes cater to all senses of humor: sarcasm, dark humor, dad jokes, slapstick, and more. Each character specializes in a different type of comedy, and when you mix it all together, you get a perfect blend of hilarious humor. I find this series one of the funniest things I have ever watched, and a lot of my friends (no pun intended) agree. 

The length of the show is another reason why Friends is the best. A lot of people might get scared of the fact that the show has ten seasons. It’s a shame because that’s what I find most intriguing about it. Shows that are long, tend to become a part of us. What I mean by that, is that the longer shows are, the more we get to know the characters. It makes us feel more a part of the show. Compare this to Stranger Things, for example (who so far only has two seasons): as someone who has seen both shows in their entirety, I can say that I know the story and characters from Friends much more than Stranger Things. It allows me to connect to the series on a deeper, more personal level.

There you have it. Three reasons why Friends should be on your top-ten list. I hope I was able to convince you that this sitcom truly is, and always will be, the best show of all time. If you have seen it, you’ll agree with me. If you haven’t, what are you still waiting for?