Read This if You Like Cake


Artist: Lucas Marongoni

I firmly believe cake is the best food to ever be created. Any dessert can be made into a cake, any mood can be represented by a cake. What do we eat whenever we celebrate? Cake. Why? Because it’s simply the best. Unfortunately, like everything else, it’s not perfect. There are so many different flavors that we can often feel overwhelmed; but hopefully, by the end of this article, this issue will be solved. Here are the cakes to eat depending on your mood: 



This is probably the first occasion people think of for cake, and so this cake has to be the best. Confeitaria Luana Davidsohn not only is of great quality, but they have all possible flavors such as the classic “churro naked cake”, “palha italiana” and “leite Ninho com Nutella”. If that isn’t enough, you can even request your own flavors. The thing that sets this place apart, however, is the decoration of the cake, which you can either request or choose from an already existing model. I always get my birthday cakes from here and everyone loves them. Last year I got the churro naked cake that had mini churros on top! If you want to check this place, pass by Vila Olimpia and get ready for a treat! 


“Quando bate a bad” (Sad boy hours): 

Nothing is better than brigadeiro cake when you are feeling sad. For those that are Brazilian, not only does it remind you of your childhood but it’s also a classic. A great place to get one is DiCapri Café .The cake is basically all brigadeiro and you’ve probably seen it on everyone’s Instagram story. 



Pretty self-explanatory and cliche, but TPM=chocolate. If I’m being honest, the best chocolate cake I’ve ever had is from “Bolo da Ivone” in Brasilia, but for obvious reasons, I came up with a more local option. “O segredo do bolo” from Manioca is a chocolate cake classic in São Paulo. Unlike most chocolate cakes, it doesn’t feel heavy or overly sweet, and the tapioca ice cream that comes with it is amazing as well. 


Summative Week

Amor aos Pedaços is the place to go when you are feeling stressed, but this time, instead of chocolate cake, I would recommend the “Bicho de pé”. The bright pink color and overly sweet taste of the cake is guaranteed to put you in a good mood. Personally “Bicho de pé” was my favorite cake as a child, and whenever I have it, it reminds me of a time I didn’t even know what the IB was. 


Fitness Life 

Since summer is approaching, it’s good to have a healthier option for when you get a cake-craving. Isabela Akkari is an online store that has many different flavors, and they are mostly gluten, lactose and sugar-free (don’t worry, you won’t taste the difference). The cookie cake is my personal favorite, and when I ordered it, my entire family loved it (despite the initial grunt and look of disappointment when I said it was sugar, lactose and gluten free).


Summer Day 

Keeping up with the summer theme, nothing is better than a cold cake on a hot day. The cold coconut cake from Manioca is extremely refreshing and doesn’t have the “heavy” feeling cakes often have. It’s basically a coconut popsicle in the form of cake.

Something Different
Although obviously smaller, cupcakes are still cakes. I would recommend Graded’s very own “Be Sweet” for cupcakes, make by class of 2018 alumni Betina Duarte. The best flavors are the churro cupcakes, which literally taste like a churro in cupcake form, and the classic red velvet cupcake.



I saved the best for last! Sodiê Doces is a classic that is sure to please everyone. Whether you need to bring a cake to lunch for your friend’s birthday, or you just get a random cake craving Sodiê Doces is a go to. The best one is the condensed milk with strawberry cake, I guarantee you won’t regret it.