Graded Run Against Cancer: Glow in The Dark Edition


Graded Run Against Cancer (GRAC) is a student-led event that annually raises the most money within our school community. The funds raised help maintain the Casa Maria Helena cancer treatment center in São Paulo through projects, investments, and infrastructure reforms. For example, the profits raised in the 2017 run were used to build a soccer field at the shelter.

The Graded Cancer Shelter Club organizes the run along with Casa Maria Helena in order to help patients and their families while also raising awareness for cancer research.Through the initiative, Graded students are able to form personal connections with young patients, providing them with escape from their daily medical procedures and checkups. 

However, at the start of this school year, the program saw some changes. Instead of the run taking place in May, it was held in October and was planned to take place at night, fitting for the newest theme: glow in the dark. With the new glow edition, the school, as well as the members of the club, searched to bring a unique outlook on the previous runsWith that, they envisioned everyone dressed in bright colors running through Graded’s neon painted halls on a Friday night.

To raise awareness, the club saw it crucial to display the various cancer victims, in addition to those in the shelter. For that reason, they presented the “Honor’s List,” that recognizes people from the entire Graded community, whose friends and family have battled cancer. Last year, GRAC raised over R$20,000  through donations and contributions. Cristina Krueder, one of the leaders of the club leaders, mentioned how the initiative strives to make others aware of the brutal reality of a cancer patient. She added how “events such as The Run Against Cancer make [her] really appreciate what we have here at Graded, [as it] creates an amazing bond between us students and the patients.” 

In terms of its popularity, this year’s run stood out on both social media and word of mouth. However, in comparison to previous years, it did not raise as much profit. However,those who attended, both patients of the shelter and members of the Graded community, came to a consensus that it was “one of the best.” Another club leader, Isabella Tonanni, explained that the event was unable to raise as much money like past years because it was organized ‘under the wire’. Moving the annual run to October, meant the students in charge only two month to plan and execute their ideas. Even more, the time constraints made it impossible to make the classic GRAC customized shirts. Thus, forcing them to half the price of tickets to R$50.

Even though the run didn’t raise as much money as it did in previous years, it was still a very successful event and demonstrated the significant amount of effort that all the club participants must give. With this article, the Talon aims to familiarize the Graded community with the initiative, and evaluate the process necessary to execute its annual Run Against Cancer.