Quarantine Top 5


Collage by Zoe Requena

While facing endless days and tedious quarantined nights, we have all been on a quest to find the perfect way to entertain ourselves, and I am no exception. Although I have ventured myself with baking, knitting, or even trying to teach myself how to play the guitar, movies has always been my favorite activity. I have done thorough research and devised a list of the top five movies that have made my quarantine just a little bit better. Having so much time in my hands, I have realized that watching movies just might be the best way to get through quarantine. Most movies can be found on netflix, amazon prime, HBO, or apple tv. 


Prestige poster.jpgThe Prestige 

The Prestige is set in late 1800s England, where two rival magicians, previously colleagues until the sudden death of their assistant during their spectacle, dispute after one of them performs the ultimate magic trick. One of the two magicians goes above and beyond in trying to uncover the secret behind the magic trick, experimenting with dangerous new science. The quest for the answer drives the magician to the brink of insanity, making all of his life revolve towards the answer. (Apple TV or other renting platforms)

Starring Christian Bale, Hugh Jackman, David Bowie, and Scarlett Johansson, The Prestige is a heart-stopping, nail-biting movie that makes you think outside of the box in order to really understand the message behind it. Its PG-13 rating makes it the ideal movie to watch with family. 


Memento PosterMemento

Leonard Shelby, an insurance investigator, is tracking down the man who broke into his home and murdered his wife. The complication, however, is that Leonard suffers from a rare form of memory loss (anterograde amnesia), which makes it impossible for Leonard to create new memories after the event which causes the condition. He has tattoos all over his body, all facts about the man he is looking for. The movie goes in reverse chronological order, starting with him murdering the man he believes to be the killer and ends with him tattooing his first evidence against his wife’s murderer. 

Being given the same details as Leonard, the movie keeps you on your toes. Memento is a mind-bending film that makes you want to keep your eyes glued to the screen. (Amazon Prime)


Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

Before graduation, Ferris Bueller intends on having one last ditch day. With his perfected skill of pretending to be sick, Bueller tricks his parents into letting him “miss” school. He spends the day with his best friend and girlfriend, freewheeling around the suburbs of Chicago while being chased down by his high school principal who is determined to catch him in the act.  

This is an upbeat comedy that is sweet in these bitter times. It never fails to make its audience laugh and it’s the perfect movie to watch with the family when in search of some comedy. (Netflix)



One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest

In order to escape prison, Randle Patrick McMurphy fakes insanity and gets transferred for evaluation to a mental institution, as he assumes it will be a less restrictive environment. However, the Head Nurse Ratched runs the ward with an iron fist, keeping her patients intimidated through abuse, medication, and sessions of electroconvulsive therapy. Randle confronts Nurse Ratched on an attempt to get her to lessen the abuse. 

One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest is a mix of emotions. It illustrates the abuse of patients with mental issues, while still having an upbeat feeling. The movie emphasizes the importance of individuality and the dignity of personhood, amongst other themes. (Amazon Prime)


Shutterislandposter.jpgShutter Island 

Starring Leonardo Di Caprio and Mark Ruffalo, Shutter Island tells the story of two US Marshals who are sent to an asylum on a remote island to investigate the disappearance of a patient. Throughout the movie, the audience gains insight into Teddy Daniels’ (Leonardo Di Caprio) past and is also presented with an unexpected plot twist. 

A great psychological thriller that keeps you on the edge of your seat, you won’t be able to keep your eyes off of the screen. A great movie to watch with family and friends, Shutter Island is a true must-watch. (Netflix)

I am sure all my fellow movie enthusiasts will enjoy watching the above recommendations, and I hope all these suggestions make your quarantine at least a little better!