Graded’s Sorting Hat – Find Out Your Hogwarts House


I’m sure all Harry Potter fans have done the Pottermore quiz where the online Sorting Hat decides which of the four Hogwarts houses you truly belong to, those being Gryffindor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw, and Hufflepuff. I have an alternative, though; here is a new, easy quiz you can do to find out what your Hogwarts house is! With this, I proudly present Graded’s own sorting hat! With ten Graded-oriented questions, you can discover your house! Be sure to keep track of your answers; you’ll need them for your results!

  1. What is your favorite food at the snack bar– pre-Covid of course?

A. Pão de Queijo 

B. Apple 

C. Healthy Chips

D. Cookies 


  1. What is your favorite science?

A. Biology 

B. Chemistry

C. Physics 



  1. What is your favorite place at school?

A. Graded Greens 

B. The Athletics Gym

C. Library and Innovation Center 

D. Student Center 


  1. How do you study for a summative?

A. My friends will help me study 

B. I’ll study smarter, not harder 

C. Read and review all of the content about the topic  

D. Pay attention in class and go with the flow


  1. What’s your favorite Graded event?

A. Festa Junina

B. Celebration of the World


D. Big 8/SAAC 


  1. Which of Graded’s core values is the most important to you?

A. Kindness 

B. Integrity 

C. Intellectual Curiosity

D. Perseverance 


  1. Which club interests you the most? 

A. Casa Maria Helena 

B. Model United Nations 

C. Investment Club/Passado em Foco 

D. StuCo 


  1. What’s your favorite part of the IB?



C. HL Classes 



  1. You left your computer in one of the classrooms. The door is locked. What do you do?

A. You knock 

B. Try to pick the lock 

C. Look for the key  

D. Try opening the door using force 


  1.  Graded’s Sorting Hat also takes your opinion into consideration. What house would you like to be in?

A. Hufflepuff 

B. Slytherin 

C. Ravenclaw 

D. Gryffindor 


If you answered mostly A’s, you are a Hufflepuff!

You are well-rounded, a hard-worker, compassionate, kind-hearted, and determined person that values honesty and inclusivity. You always try to be patient with others. Your loyalty is not free; it’s extremely selective, but is fair and prominent! Hufflepuffs are considered to have a strong moral compass and are less competitive than other houses. Although your house doesn’t feature as much in the books and movies, it’s a great house to be in! 


If you answered mostly B’s, you are a Slytherin!

There is a stereotype that all Slytherins are evil people, but this is far from the truth. Although several villains came for this house, Slytherins are known for their resourcefulness, ambition, self-preservation, and perfectionism. Most of the time, you hesitate before making decisions to weigh all possible outcomes. You are driven, prepared, assertive, and big on cost/benefit analysis. Slytherin’s are often leaders and are able to use their intelligence as a tool to achieve their goals. 


If you answered mostly C’s, you are a Ravenclaw!

Along with Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw doesn’t have a strong appearance in the books or movies, but it’s certainly one of the most underrated houses. You are wise, creative, independent, hard-working, logical, and intelligent. Ravenclaw is always seen as being the “smart house”, but you’re just very good at what you’re interested in. You value curiosity and you’re fond of learning for the sake of it. Not only are Ravenclaws motivated and talented students, but you are also curious about the world around you. 


If you answered mostly D’s, you are a Gryffindor! 

Likely the most famous of all the houses, Gryffindors are brave, practical, trusting, and prone to living in the moment. The books often portray them as heroes, but Gryffindors can also be stubborn, manipulative, prone to procrastination, and in Albus Dumbledore’s words, “[have] a certain disregard for the rules”. At the end of the day, you are unafraid to act and always seek opportunities to make a change. 


Hopefully, you enjoyed the Graded-themed questions, and potentially learned something new about yourself! 


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