Beyond Valentine’s Day

Despite the difficulties getting used to school after relaxing during the vacation, time has passed relatively quickly, and it is already February. One of the highlights of this month, at least at Graded, seems to be Valentine’s Day. Although this can be a joyful time for many, it is also a day of loneliness and annoyance for others. So, instead of focusing on this romantic, ubiquitous holiday, I decided to research more unusual, yet amusing ones from this month that deserve recognition. Let’s take a look at a few of my personal favorites.

Thank a Mailman Day: Always on February 4, the purpose of this day is to thank the postal workers who deliver our mail everyday. Quite simple, yet heartwarming all the same.

Make a Friend Day: February 11 is the opportunity to meet someone new, or take the initiative to make a new friend. Personally, I don’t understand why everyday shouldn’t be making a friend every day, but if you’re lacking the motivation, you now have a (somewhat) legitimate excuse.

Single Awareness Day: If we celebrate the intimacy and romance of a relationship, we should also recognize the flipside. Celebrated on February 15, this day probably serves to compensate for all the cheesiness from the previous day. Those who don’t have a significant other can still enjoy Single Awareness Day and not feel left out.

Random Act of Kindness Day: The name of this holiday says it all. Celebrated on February 17, this is a heartfelt day for many, and is largely celebrated at schools as an opportunity to host educational events or promote kindness in general. I believe this day presents a great occasion to spread positivity within the local Graded community, or any other. To me, it would certainly be a welcome replacement for the exaggerated excitement over Valentine’s Day.

Walking the Dog Day: Yes, apparently this gets its own day, on February 22. I hope, though, that people walk their dogs more often than once a year.

Public Sleeping Day: This is one of my favorite days, and I’m sure many students at Graded feel the same. On February 28, Public Sleeping Day is an opportunity to sleep in public places, without seeming too out of the ordinary. In my opinion, we should also celebrate this day at school.

 Although some people are obsessed with Valentine’s Day, there are many other holidays that should be appreciated and celebrated with just as much passion. If human ingenuity has taught us anything, it’s that there are countless opportunities out there to celebrate unique ideas and events. Whether you have a significant other or not, enjoy this month. As for the holidays I’ve mentioned, who knows: maybe in a few years we’ll all spend February 28 sleeping on benches and sidewalks.