The Talon

Joel Dominguez
This year Joel returns, fully embracing his inner eagle… he joins forces with Bruna Piccin and Luana Tone to form the magnificent Topinguez! In case you happen to miss his “I don’t care anymore I’m a senior” hairstyle, Joel can be usually found in the hallways searching for his bag he swears he had on 5 minutes ago. He’s usually a calm fellow, but if you seek to rattle him just complain about the fact lunch is now at 11:35. On Mondays he can be seen multiple times at the snack bar buying an espresso in between blocks, oh and on tuesdays as well… and wednesdays and fridays also. As he looks forward to basically 3 weeks of Exams next May, Joel couldn’t be more excited to begin work on the Talon once again!

Joel Dominguez , EIC

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Joel Dominguez