The Talon

Leticia Auriemo
As a first year “Talonista”, Letícia finds her way into the features section. If we were back at the Graded halls, Letícia could be seen struggling through a new TikTok dance, finding a new sport to be a part of, and proudly showing everyone her new and amazing, recently bought, pair of socks. In quarantine, however, (#imune), she can be found competitively screaming through an online tranca match, experimenting different crafts (cooking, tie dying, sewing) and undoubtedly crying her way through every rom-com on Netflix. As seen, with a wide range of interests and passions, Letícia is ready to write about anything that shows relevance —from the Narcos drug trafficking world to the one and only "Dr. Pimple Popper". This rising sophomore is prepared  to spend several hours discovering new and exciting topics to write about as a new features writer!

Leticia Auriemo, Features Writer

Oct 16, 2020
2020’s Tie Dye Craze (Story)
Sep 10, 2020
Who Gets to Tell Pablo Escobar’s Story? (Story)
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Leticia Auriemo