The Talon

Lucas Buscaglia
As a Talon freshie, the senior Lucas looks forward to being able to put his multiple rants on politics and economics on paper. He will be writing in the POV section in Spanish, about Latin American current events, hoping to raise awareness in the Graded community. Here, Lucas will try to depict current events from a logical standpoint, trying to dismantle lies and corruption that plague our politics. When he is not getting into Facebook fights, organizing Truco tournaments, or reading political books, he likes to play soccer, watch TV series (HOC being his personal favorite), drink mate, and watching irrelevant but interesting Youtube videos. So, if you are in need of reading a 700 word (logical) rant, don't hesitate to read his work!

Lucas Buscaglia, POV Writer

Nov 06, 2017
La felicidad (y el miedo) de volver (Story)
The student magazine at  Graded School
Lucas Buscaglia