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Manuela Menezes
Manu's journey in the Talon only started this year, but better late than never. Now a senior, Manuzinha, Nu, Ranu, or whatever nickname people call her, has decided to share some of her interests with the community, said interests being: travelling, Netflix, beach tennis, among many others. At school or at any social gathering, you will find her by hearing her unique and blustering "dolphin-like" laugh. On Zoom, during quarantine, you will oftentimes spot Nu due to the various changes in beachy or green sceneries. Loving to talk and laugh, Manuzinha is ready for her first (and unfortunately last) year as a TALONISTA, promising to entertain others with her sense of humor in the entertainment section.  

Manuela Menezes, Entertainment Writer

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Manuela Menezes